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Recommend Yourself

The world is listening my friends, to everything you say to yourself.

By listening, I am referring to our instinctive capabilities. We all have those moments when an inner voice guides on whether we should engage or not in a certain endeavour. This could be about buying a house, recruiting your next team member, or even selecting a restaurant to go to. There is an innate ability to instinctively assess if someone, or something is good for us. Our instinct is always picking up a vibe or sensing the outcome and it uses that sensation to protect and take care of ourselves. Our instinct has only one agenda: ensure and enhance our well-being.

Instinct is constantly at work and can go past obvious data to look for hidden agendas, intentions and perspectives that lie beneath the visible words and actions.

So, everyone you interact with, is listening to their instinct and picking up a vibe about YOU. They are unknowingly listening for what you believe in and the things you say to yourself, about yourself. This is where people with great intentions but a low self-esteem, struggle to achieve all their dreams. They are working extra hard to get that raise or close a deal and they keep validating their low self-worth with each setback. They are telling themselves they don’t deserve wealth or money or love, and the world supports their cause.

We self-loath, and the world agrees.

How do we shift this? Let’s take a look at what it would mean if our self-talk was a recommendation to the world, believing that you are everything they’ve been looking for.

Think of a time you recommended a movie, a restaurant, a doctor, your accountant, tailor etc. to a friend, and you will find that in every recommendation you firmly believed that your friend will greatly benefit or enjoy your recommendation. In fact, you were damn bloody sure of it.

If you could be in the same space wherein your self-image was also a recommendation, the world around you will constantly pick up on it and join you in believing that you deliver and deserve the best. Being in this space also allows you to expand your knowledge, skills and wisdom to continually create the best version of yourself. You start to think more about your world of possibilities rather than living in constant self-doubt.

This is transformational and requires a new practice of bringing your attention to the stuff you do really well. When you appreciate your strengths which also include qualities like honesty, integrity and punctuality, you can channelize your energy on doing more of what works for you. Your new self-talk is filled with gratitude for what you have and you are empowered to create a vision that has you jumping with joy every day.

When you are in this space, the world will undeniably support you and invite you to lead and experience a thriving life.

This quote by Katie Reed says it all: Give the world the best of you, not what’s left of you.

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