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Vikaashh Kripallani

When he was only eleven, Vikaashh and his family were completely displaced and had to restart life in a different country. This taught him that in life, 'Anything is Possible'. Much later, it was his coaching journey that allowed him to transform this belief into, 'Everything is Possible'.

His professional life saw him traverse varied industries of Apparel, Real Estate, F&B, and Technology. Along this journey, he always knew he was yet to live his true calling.

The experience of being coached, and taking a transformative approach led to choosing the path of supporting others in discovering their roadblocks, building a clear personal vision and unlocking potential to create a life of their dreams.

In this new avatar, he is passionate about supporting individuals and businesses willing to expand their world of possibilities by re-aligning themselves to a clear vision and embracing a new paradigm of beliefs and self-worth.


As a business coach, he is most excited to help entrepreneurs with turn-around strategies pegged in a customer centric culture. He supports entrepreneurs in aligning themselves , the team, and their business operations to the company's brand code.

Connect with Vikaashh for a 40-minute complimentary session.
The most beautiful moments in life, are moments when you are expressing your joy; not when you are seeking it.

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