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It's a delightful day, when you make it one.
Being blissful, conscious, and fully present in all domains of life, is a powerful and essential practice to uplift the quality of our experiences.
At Sacred Avenue, we support your journey of transformation, so you can set sights on a clear vision, and unlock potential to illuminate your life with happiness and success.
Design your destiny, have fun living it and watch the magic unfold!
- Vikaashh Kripallani


Coaching is an immersive process of reconnecting with your own expression of joy. It is designed to help you achieve three core objectives:

  • Realign yourself with the aspects or domains of life you deeply care about, and intend to elevate your presence in.

  • Fall in love, with a future vision of yourself, your experiences, your environment and achievements; and invoke the energy of life itself.

  • Create a plan that is actionable, accountable and time bound. Reset focus on your strengths, and create SMART Goals, by defining short and medium term objectives.

You want to set a goal that is big enough, that in the process of achieving it, you become someone worth becoming.
- Jim Rohn.


Get authentic about your vision, presence and purpose in every domain that matters to you.

At Sacred Avenue, we have an endearing approach to get you closer to your definition of happiness and success, across Nine Domains of Life.

A holistic view of your world within and without, is a sure footed way to lead yourself into a life you feel excited about. It empowers you to imagine your world of possibilities, and creative ways to manifest it.

Design your Life Vision Book, and strike a deal with yourself to always live in abundance.

Connect with Vikaashh for a 40-minute complimentary session.
1. Work & Career
2. Health & Fitness
4. Love Relationship
5. Relaxation & Recreation
6. Social Life
7. Giving Back
8. Personal Goals
9. Spiritual Growth

Learning is the process, whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.

- David A Kolb

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Experience a Coaching Session

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Shikha Prakash

Ayurvedic Physician at Padaav

Coaching with Vikaashh has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, with myself. I started to understand myself better. Vikaashh pushes you to discover deep seated thoughts and emotions and helps you realise your underlying hidden power and potential.

I have grown to be more focused, confident and each day I look at ways to expand my capabilities and possibilities.

- Shikha Prakash. Dehradun. India.

Abhijeet Parkhi

MD, Champ Sports Pvt Ltd.

I am very glad that I opted for coaching with Vikaashh. His guidance and vision has helped in taking the right steps to turn my business around. His ability to put himself in my shoes and yet take a bird's eye view to give a fresh perspective is what I appreciate the most.

His coaching technique has also helped me simplify my view, understand my choices and work towards my transformation.

- Abhijeet Parkhi. Pune. India.

Leena Sukumar

Sr. Director Marketing, NYC

Gifted with the art of probing, Vikaashh helped uncover painful spots within, have wonderful a-ha moments and helped me be calmer, more aware and build a stronger mindset. I now have the right tools and framework to use lifelong, towards aspirations in all areas of my life.

Vikaashh comes from a space of empathy and wisdom, and those who work with him are in the great hands of a master in his craft! 

- Leena Sukumar. NYC.

Jinesh Bhayani

Director, Kiran Rubber Industries

I am thankful to Vikaashh for his coaching that has hugely helped me to shift my confused approach to the events in my life, to becoming clear about my realities. His coaching methods have helped me understand myself better and channelise my thoughts and emotions.

I am excited about my coaching journey, so I can start attracting what's best for me in all the important aspects of my life.

- Jinesh Bhayani. Mumbai. India.

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